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Fiber Mechanical Reliability - Field

Optical Fiber Strength, Fatigue and Handleability After Aging in Cable 
Handleability of optical fiber pertains to the ability to strip, clean, cleave, terminate, and connectorize short lengths of fiber during installation for re-entry.

Strength and Dynamic Fatigue Characteristics of Aged Fiber 
Abstract: An experiment was performed to examine the strength and dynamic fatigue performance of polymer coated optical fiber after various aging conditions including: 30-day hot-humid zero stress aging, shelf life aging, and cyclic hot-humid aging.

Field-Aging Study Shows Strength of Optical Ground Wire Cable  
  (Reprint from 'Lightwave') Field-aging study shows strength results of optical ground wire cable - by Mark L. Lundergan, Corning Incorporated, and Kurt M. Dallas, Alcoa Fujikura Ltd.

Mechanical and Optical Functionality Of Field-Aged Optical Ground Wire Cable  
Abstract: An optical fiber’s mechanical and optical properties were tested after many years of exposure to field operating conditions. The results showed that the field environment had no impact on the fiber cable’s performance, functionality, and reliability.

Mechanical Behavior of Optical Fibers Removed From a Field-Aged Cable  
Abstract: Actual field aging of a fiber-optic cable showed no degradation of the handleability or mechanical behavior of the optical fibers.

Verification of Optical Fiber and Cable Reliability  
Abstract: Standard tests were performed on fiber from a 10 year-old field-aged cable. Testing results showed no significant degradation in the optical fiber's cable performance. Reprinted from IWCS, 1997.